Episode 13

William ”Buck” Bolyard

Savage Wonder, episode 13 with guest William "Buck" Bolyard. Had a great time getting to know Buck. From his early days in juvie to his time as an Army infantryman to his lonely New Year's Eve in Guatemala with a missing toenail, Buck has always been a writer and a wanderer. His life has become a seething cauldron of experiences from which he draws inspiration. He is resentful of poetry’s consistent intrusion into his life - not to mention, disruption of his novel writing. Yet, at the same time, he is fully burdened to wring as much writing out his life as he can. A really entertaining, lively, discussion with this prolific Appalachian-American. His first book "Sober Man's Thoughts" is out right now and it is just the beginning. He has so many projects in the hopper, so many ideas waiting to be birthed, there is little doubt in my mind that he is a writer to watch.

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Follow Buck here.

Buy “Sober Man’s Thoughts” here.

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