Episode 12

s.p. burke

s.p. burke has been one of the most prolific poets featured on the Savage Wonder literary blog - and for good reason. He has only just begun to deconstruct and unpack the significant emotional events of a 20-year Army career. I got the sense, in speaking with him, that his writing is just trying to catch a waterfall in a cup and he will be mining his life experiences for years. I was also struck by how nakedly partisan he is about poetry. He is a true aficionado of poetry - not just its poignancy and beauty, but also its form and structure. We talked craft, we talked about how poetry has affected his life, and we talked about his future plans with it. I ended the interview feeling that s.p. burke will be a significant writer for a very long time. It was a privilege to catch up with him and take stock at this point in his journey.   Show Notes   Follow s.p. burke here.   Veterans Repertory Theater  

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