Episode 58

Year-End Show with the VetRep Team

Don’t listen to this week’s episode. Seriously.

We wanted to do a cool, year-end episode to talk about the highs and lows of VetRep’s first calendar year - and we did that. Star, Dex, and Lilla were great - funny, moving, poignant even - but, well, it just sucks to do a four-person Zoom podcast. Everyone’s muted when they’re not talking so you don’t hear the laughing or crosstalk that makes it seem like, well, four people talking. Instead it sounds like we’re each in our own little pods speaking in isolation. I was dangerously close to scrapping the whole thing. But I didn’t. There are some wonderful memories that are worth sharing and remembering. Hopefully those will outweigh the technical blahs. But if you haven’t listened before - don’t let this be your first episode. We’re so much better than this. Have I undersold the episode enough?

Thanks to everyone who has listened this year, not to mention our outstanding guests. It’s been a privilege to bring you the stories of so many veteran artists. We can’t wait do it again next year.

Happy New Year everyone!

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