Episode 39

Leilani Squire

This is one of those conversations I won't forget easily. I spoke the unbelievably honest, vulnerable and thoughtful Leilani Squire about her childhood as a Navy brat during the Korean War, her deep dive into nefarious activities during her early adulthood, her iron-willed classical dance training, and, ultimately, her highly disciplined and inspiring writing career as a poet and playwright.

Leilani is the winner of our inaugural 10-minute playwriting competition. About her play 15 DEAD SOULS, the judges said it was “poetic, touching, powerfully written.  Earnest — which is good — but also not sentimental.  Haunting and affecting.”

Leilani Squire is a writer, certified creativity coach, and works with active duty, veterans and their families to help them tell their stories through the written word. She is founder and CEO of the nonprofit Returning Soldiers Speak and an associate member of EST/LA where she is also part of their playwrighting unit.

Follow her here.

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