Episode 25

Jesus Daniel Hernandez

Jesus Daniel Hernandez may have the most Dickensian life story we have ever featured on the show. Jesus immigrated to the US at 14 from Mexico, found himself working a string of low-end jobs as a young father, enlisted in the Army, deployed to Iraq...and then magic happened. He was plucked from the military and thrust into the top tier of classical singers by Placido Domingo and Carlos Slim. It is an inspirational story that continues to unfold. A true pleasure to discuss everything from CBRNE school to the diva mentality of the singing elite. And at the end, we even talk about his upcoming appearance at our Savage Wonder Festival - first time we've talked about the festival with a guest who is going to be appearing there!

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Buy his debut album “L’Orologio” here.

You can hear Jesus Daniel Hernandez sing live at the Savage Wonder Festival of veterans in the arts on May 29! Have you gotten your tickets yet? Tickets are only FREE until April 1.

The Savage Wonder Festival

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