Episode 23

Elize McKelvey

My guest this week was Elize McKelvey. Introvert. Art school graduate. Marine (makes Staff Sergeant in 6 years). Combat artist. Elize McKelvey managed to excel as a truly "martial artist" - capturing the stories of Marines as rendered by a Marine. There may be other introverts who became wildly successful freelance artists, but few, if any, did it through the Marine Corps. She and I chase shiny objects in a wide ranging conversation that goes from the technical - how many paintbrushes do you pack in your war belt? - to the emotional - capturing the aftereffects of an Osprey crash that kills two Marines. She is funny, determined, and the true embodiment of the warrior artists. Can't wait to see her at the Savage Wonder Festival and can't wait to see what new adventures await her artistically.

Check out her work here.

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