Episode 76

Corban Lundborg

Master Sergeant Corban Lundborg is currently serving in the Air Force Reserve as a combat photojournalist at the 4th Combat Camera Squadron based out of Charleston, South Carolina. Corban is one of the unit's designated aerial photographers, working as fully qualified aircrew. The unit supports the Department of Defense with frontline imagery in combat, aerial and humanitarian environments. Corban's photojournalism work has been recognized around the world. He earned the title "Air Force Photographer of the Year" in the 2018 media awards and won first place at the 2022 international Best Combat Camera Competition. 

Corban is now living in Atlanta, Georgia where he creates full time, working on a variety of projects in different mediums, from painting to woodworking. He also leads a creative agency with his wife called CALM Collective, where he works as a creative director and cinematographer. His camera work has attracted top companies and non-profits from around the country, who have hired him as a director of photography on national ad campaigns and commercials. Moving forward, Corban's dream is to use his creative gifts to serve others and Christ. 

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