Episode 18

Brad Thomas

Savage Wonder episode 19 with guest Brad Thomas. Army Ranger, veteran of the Battle of Mogadishu, Delta Force operator…guitarist and composer for metal band Silence & Light.

There are a lot of reasons I couldn't wait to sit down and talk with Brad. For one thing, he embodies the warrior-artist characteristics we like to celebrate here. I've listened to Silence & Light's debut album a lot. We both spent time in Somalia - his was a lot more eventful. And like him, I was greatly influenced by a lot of early 90's bands. So I had high hopes for the interview. They were all surpassed. There are not a lot of rock band founders who can discuss military culture with any real authority or insight. There are not a lot of former Delta operators who can nerd out on open choruses and Barry Manilow. Between the military and the music, we manage to cover so much ground. And even so, I had enough questions and follow-ups for another few hours. Do not miss this one.

A Delta Operator Transitions from War to Music by Brad Thomas

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