Episode 28

Auguster D. Williams Jr.

From the Cold War navy to the dizzying heights of the booming hip-hop scene of the mid-90's, Auguster D. Williams Jr.'s life was a success story until drugs and burnout turned him into a statistic - a homeless veteran with a growing rap sheet and a legacy a disappointment. His life could have ended there. But it didn't. Instead, Gus became an award-winning collage artist who takes reclaimed materials destined for the landfill and turns them into something beautiful. He sees his art as a metaphor for his life. I was a fan of Gus' work before, that's why we invited him the to Savage Wonder Festival. But after talking to him, my appreciation for his art has skyrocketed even more.

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See Gus’ work live at the Savage Wonder Festival of veterans in the arts on May 29! Have you gotten your tickets yet?

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